Business Ideas for the Entrepreneurial Spirit

A lot of adults in America are entrepreneurial-minded. But just because you have the right spirit doesn’t mean you’ll be a great business owner. More than half of startups fail within their first four to five years. That’s a lot, given that about 70 percent of adults are entrepreneurs.

There’s a big market of consumers out there waiting to purchase products and services from businesses. You just need to make sure you’re in the right industry. The answer to that changes year to year, so you’ll need to do your research to see what markets are booming or have the potential to boom.

The following businesses are found to be popular all the time, so consider opening up a business in these industries.

Content Creation

Everything you read and see on the web is content. Without it, the internet would be nothing but a blank screen. If you’re great at writing, building websites, creating videos or designing infographics, you can market your services to other businesses and blogs.

Being a content creator will always ensure you have a job somewhere. You will be able to easily find work for many years to come. Especially if you’re in the video-making business.

Offer Drone Services

If you can get your hands on a quality drone with a camera, you can earn big bucks. The market isn’t yet saturated, which gives you time to make a name for yourself and carve your piece of the pie. There are many different ways you can use your drone to accommodate the needs of consumers.

For instance, you can offer your service to realtors who may need to have property walk-throughs created for their real estate. These are posted online on sites like Zillow and YouTube to help them sell properties faster.

You can also film birthday parties, weddings and other events people want to cherish forever. You’ll even find directors using drones to capture amazing shots for their movies.

Provide Affordable Cleaning Services

Not every business idea has to do with technology. You can open a good old fashioned cleaning business that includes cleaning homes, vehicles and carpets. If you have the equipment, licenses and knowhow, you can open up a fully operational cleaning business.

Research your area to see if there are a lot of competitors and whether there’s a spin you can put on your services to make your business stand out.

Start a Catering Business

People always need catering for their birthday parties, weddings and get togethers. Most people are too busy planning celebrations to really prepare for it. You can accommodate these individuals by offering a delicious menu of items to choose from. The more foods you can offer, the more customers you can attract.

Baking tasty treats, making healthy meals and even the fatty foods will put your business on the map. Do surveys to see what people want and try to learn to make these items.

There are so many different business ideas out there. You can do something basic or go over and beyond to offer a new type of service, like 23andMe did. Now, there are millions of people looking for their ancestry and willing to pay money to find out.

Give these business ideas some thought and see if you can come up with any clever ideas for your entrepreneurial adventure.

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